Monday, January 28, 2013

Dark, smokey look with bright lipsticks

Hello ladies,
as you already know bright lipstick colors like red, dark plum, or hot pink are totally IN this season. I was looking some magazines and runways and I liked so many different pretty looks with those bright colors. Before, I never wore bright lipstick because I thought they doesn't look nice on me, I liked to see them on others but I looked funny to myself in the mirror with these lip colors and now something changed. I liked bright colors on me and how they made my lips look fuller, bigger and even if you don't wear any makeup at all that lipstick will make you look glamourous. :) Off course I think when you do bright lips you have to make your face look flawless. These colors goes well with lighter skin tones as well as with darker skin tones. And when I found out I can wear brighter lipsticks I wore them but with so little makeup on my eyes like just with mascara or  nude eyeshadows without lining my eyes or just with simple winged liner look and I got bored with those similar looks. I consider that when you're doing your makeup, you're actually playing, it supposed to be fun to create some other you, to make yourself even prettier, to express your feeling that day and not to do a copy/pasted look every few days. So these days I was playing around with with different looks and I created one that that I think it's really good. I did dark/black, kinda smokey eyes and I combined it with three different lipsticks, one is black cherry lipstick from flormar number is 518 and on top of that I applied purple/ mulberry lipgloss also from flormar. Second was crazy pink form maybelline colorsensational and the third one was less bright color, it was lilac color it's form KIKO crystal sheer-glossy lipstick number 418 cyclamen and on the top of it I applied lightest rose color lipgloss from INGLOT sleek cream number 97. It's still not on youtube but it will be in day or two. For now see a trailer:)) (I don't know if thats called trailer but it's something that shows you the looks)
Hope you like it!
Comment me what color combination you liked the most...

And let me know what else you would like me to do, my foundation routine or how I do my eyebrows, should I do daytime or nighttime makeup.

To see in HD quality in YouTube click here

To see in HD quality in YouTube click here

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