Monday, May 6, 2013

My Weight Loss, Diet

Hello ladies, hope you all have a fabulous day.

Today I will talk about my weight loss. Last summer I had some health issue and gain 12kg or around 27lbs (if I converted right:) ) for very short time. And I was so depressed! It all happened so fast, it was abrupt change. I couldn't fit my jeans or clothes I wore before, I was so fat when I looked myself in a mirror, everyone around me were saying "Oh, you gained so much weight!" I didn't know what to do! Then I started going to the gym again, but it was so hard working out with all that weight on. Then I realized I need something more, just working out isn't enough! First thing I cut out of my diet was bead, than sweets and chocolate. Finally I noticed some changes! Now I wanted to lose weight faster so I decided not to eat after 8 p.m. but that decision didn't last long because my trainings began late so I was so hungry after it. So I bought ultra weight loss shake, thats meal replacement, so I took that instead of a diner. I also started going to anti cellulite massage, that with gym and diet helped me a lot!
A month ago I met a great personal trainer who put together a diet for me, so for a month I lost 7kg. I eat just proteins and dietary fibers.
I still didn't get my old shape back but I see big difference. If you want to know more about my diet  or my exercise routine just let me know. :)


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