Friday, November 16, 2012


For shutting this music video I offered INGLOT cosmetics a cooperation, just to try and they accepted.
This cooperation was based on me taking some of their products and use it on my model, and they got like commercial in the video. We did that just to try out our cooperation, if it will work for them as it works for me.
So I took just few basic products. And I'm so so sooooo happy! This is the first time to get a make up for free. When I got in store, the owner just said: "Take what you need" and it sounds like every girl dream came true, but I didn't take too much because this is just try of our cooperation, and I wanted to be fair.
Now I maybe sound silly but I'm so proud on myself because this is the first time I closed the deal this kind.
I hope the girl I'm gonna do the makeup on will look gorgeous and that the owner will be proud on me so we will collaborate again.

 Pictures were taken with my phone so there're not sharp, but I'll make a video haul so you'll see everything.